Blackbird Manufacturing & Design will supply the absolute best customer service to those companies looking for a strategic partnership with a professional engineering, manufacturing, welding and fabrication service. 

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to explore the limits of our own capabilities and then push past them while working with others who have the same passion for what they do.

Company Goals and Objectives:
Our goal is to build a strong and respected company that is known for its quality of workmanship, reliability in meeting its commitments and its integrity in every action:  a company that ultimately embodies the principles of The Golden Rule by treating others as it would expect to be treated.  We will measure our success by keeping every customer vendor that we work with and by becoming the first choice when new opportunities arise.

Business Philosophy:
Our business philosophy is that we are not only responsible for our own success but also for the success of our customers and our vendors.  The strength of this triad will determine the depth to which we can all explore our own capabilities.  We will work with other companies that understand that it is only through mutually beneficial relationships that true progress can be made.  While the growth of our own company is important we will not forget that we have a responsibility to our coworkers, community, country and planet to help foster a safe, compassionate and healthy future for all of us.

Our services will be marketed to those companies and individuals who understand and appreciate that you get what you pay for.  These customers will require that safety, quality/value and integrity never be sacrificed in any business pursuit.

Describe your industry: 
The manufacturing strength of the goods-producing industry of any town, state or country is critical to its ability to support ones right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Connecticut and the rest of the Northeast has been losing its share of manufacturing for a long time as companies have sought cheaper labor, cheaper cost of living and better educational and tax environments in other states to our West and South as well as countries overseas.  We have limited our support of the trades and our manufacturing heritage as we have tried to keep our small towns small and encouraged our youth to pursue more “comfortable” lives in office based careers.   The recent correction in the economy is going to stimulate a revitalization of our manufacturing sector.   We have come to realize that we cannot continue to enjoy the high standards of living that we are used to without supporting and growing our manufacturing presence in the national and world economy.  We will do this by fostering the innovative and hard working nature of our citizens and by encouraging our future workforce to pursue respectable and rewarding careers in manufacturing.  Blackbird Manufacturing & Design will contribute to this effort by positioning itself as a reliable and cost effective engineering and manufacturing solution for our customers as well as becoming a place for the next generation to learn and experience the challenges and enjoyment of making something from their ideas and efforts.

Our company will partner with our customers and vendors.  We will take ownership of our responsibility and be committed to producing at a level that meets or exceeds expectation.  We will take advantage of the most appropriate tools and equip ourselves to succeed while maintaining responsible restraint and reasonable risk to ensure the long term financial viability of the organization.  We will communicate with our partners and maintain a clear understanding of our capabilities.  We will stay competitive by continuously investigating  and investing in new tools and processes and by operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.  We will stay involved with our industry as a whole and contribute what we learn so that the industry may benefit.  The new economy is going to require a more well rounded and technically strong manufacturing arm.  We will use our experience in all areas of small business management to ensure that we have a respected place in Connecticut manufacturing for the long term.