If you need it done and I can not do it for you I would be glad to help you find someone who can. I will seriously consider any long term opportunites to work with you and will investigate whether it is worth investing in the capability. Give us a call or send us a dawing or service need. I will defenitely get back to you.

NOTE: We are very excited to have recently added a 3 axis CNC conversion to our mill and acquired a Trac controlled 2 axis CNC mill.

Welding: GTAW (TIG) - GMAW (MIG) - SMAW (stick)
Light and heavy machining (currently milling and turning) on site
Single pieces or prototypes
Large scale production
Drafting and mechanical design
Solidworks®  Inventor®  AutoCAD® MasterCAM® Bobcad®
Automation controls design
Electrical and pneumatic assy
Mechanical systems assy
Waterjet – Laser – Plasma cutting
Short and long term Engineering Mgmt.
Painting – Powder Coating - Anodizing
Contract Manufacturing


Homeowners - No job is too small!
If you have metal around the house that needs repair or want something custom fabricated let us know.   For the homeowner we have made dining room tables, end tables, bed frames, entertainment system stands and speaker mounts as well as interior and exterior baby and pet gates,fencing and railings and other home security items.  We've also repaired a variety of property maintenance equipment including mowers, snow blowers, tractors and plows.

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